Used Instruments Guy-Lian

During the years his very first instruments were replaced by more modern ones (ie for those times). Nowadays the following equipment is to be found in his home studio:


  • Yamaha SY99 (two times)
  • Yamaha DX7 Mk I
  • EMU Emulator Four 128MB RAM, 128 voices polyphony
  • EMU EIV XT Ultra 128MB RAM, 128 voices polyphony
  • Roland D20
  • Roland W30
  • Access Virus C Desktop
  • Korg Wavestation A/D


  • Alesis QuadraVerb Plus multi effects processor
  • TC Electronic M-One multi effects processor
  • Lexicon MX400 multi effects processor
  • Roland RDD20 digital delay
  • Boss CE3 Chorus
  • Boss CEB3 Bass Chorus


  • Yamaha SY99 (two times)
  • Roland W30
  • Roland MC500 MkII (two times)
  • Roland MC500


  • Soundtracs Topaz Project 8 24/48 CH mixing desk
  • Behringer SNR101 denoiser
  • Behringer EX3200 Ultrafex
  • Alesis ML9600 Masterlink mastering recorder
  • Revox A77 analog reel to reel tape recorders (two times) for old glory

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