Klaus Wunderlich

The best modern organist to date.

Wersi Helios

One of my favorite organs. It got famous by Klaus Wunderlich where he was able to make all kinds of sounds with just this instrument. He looped them and used a simple four track recorder. He played almost all tracks himself and where not sequenced. He also learned to play the drums to do that part also. Taken this into account when listening to his music, you will conclude its almost impossible to do it on the level he achieved.

Eminent 310

This organ has been used by Jean Michel Jarre. The famous phasered (The Smallstone phaser) strings has made him very successful in the 70ties on his albums “Oxygene” and “Equinox”.  I have owned a Theatre 310 and an Eminent 2000 myself. I used them in several tracks like

Eminent 2000 Grand Theatre

The big brother of the Eminent 310. The string section is not exactly the same as it is smoother then the 310. I owned the Grand Theatre with its realy incredible sound. To bad it got very dusty and didnt work very good anymore. I didnt have the time and expertise to clean it up and fix the bad things. BTW: Its a 150 kg organ.

I did made a lot of close up photos I like to share.Click on the photos to see them bigger.

Also I tried to made some demos of the “automated” sound a lot of years ago. Not the best play. But hey, its an eminent, every play is good.

Audio examples of the Eminent 2000 Grand Theatre and a professional example of the eminent 1600.



Close-up photos of the Eminent 2000 Grand Theathre

Playing the Organ

I started as an organist. First taken courses in classical playing, but modern play was my favorite so I switched. I always was a fan of Klaus Wunderlich with his album “The fantastic sound of Klaus Wunderlich”. Since I was more improvising and not learning my lessons I quit lessons. But never stopped playing. Besides the organ I like to play the piano, but never actually have taken any lessons. Well, I would have improvised all the way and not leaning my lessons anyway.