Guy-Lian (aka Danny Gijbels) is born in 1967 in the north of Belgium. Ever since his childhood he was intruiged by listening to instrumental music, particularly the of the electronic kind (The Tornado’s with their organs, The Shadows with their Fenders and Stratocasters etc). Mid seventies his attention was drawn to Jean Michel Jarre with “Oxygene” and “Equinox”, Michael Garisson with “In the Region of Sunreturn” and “Prisms” and certainly to Vangelis with the Nemo studio albums “Spiral”, “China”, “Opera Sauvage”, …

In 1980 he met a person who owned a respectable synth studio and that way he encountered the first visual contact with those marvellous instruments. By the end of that year he bought himself a second hand Roland System 100 model 101 and a Roland CSQ600 sequencer and started to explore the numerous parameters of analog synthesis, giving his parents and neighbours numerous headaches.

He tought himself everything: from notes and chords to mixing to effects and various synthesis methods. Gradually he expanded his small leisure crib to a rather extended setup which he still ownes today. By the early nineties the first multitimbral synthesizers were presented. This was a blessing since the trackbouncing technique he used on a Revox A77 reel to reel tape recorder had its limits. Ever since he switched to this multitimbral instruments he stayed with composing via internal sequencers or harware sequencers, never being seduced to use a personal computer.

To this very day he isn’t a great live performer nor has he great musical knowledge. But he has a great feeling for creating music with the right mood and exposes a large sense for detail.

He has released one album “Musical Impressions” in 2005 which is a mix of his “expertise” in various ways. Some of those tracks resemble Vangelis’ work but also up tempo songs or even Italo-like thingies can be found on it. His next album “Jewel” will come out somewhere in 2016. This will be a musical exploration of various landscapes and environments. Besides this concept album he is working at several other independant tracks, which will be published here in the future.

As said earlier he is influenced a lot by Vangelis and Jean Michel Jarre. But there are others. Jan Hammer with his scores for Miami Vice, ABBA, the symphonical masterpieces of Within Temptation or even pop groups from the eighties and nineties … all provide him the inspiration he needs.

And last but not least he sometimes is forced to ground-breaking arrangements by his fellow musician and friend Hermax.

By Guy-Lian


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